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Reflexology Therapy

Foot Reflexology

Enjoy relief and healing with our foot reflexology services. Our therapists apply pressure at certain points to help target specific nerve points that help to heal the body. There are so many benefits to foot reflexology, learn more about the benefits below:

Top 10 Benefits of Foot Reflexology

  • Strengthen Body

  • Beneficial Against Neurosis and Insomnia

  • Beneficial Against hypertension

  • Prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Prevent Numbness of legs

  • Beneficial Against Diabetes

  • Prevent Common Cold

  • Promote Weight Loss

  • Prevent Cerebral Vascular Clot

  • Relax the Body and Mind

If you are interested in getting this service, you can book online or call to reserve your spot! We also have combination services of massage with foot reflexology! Check out our pricing below and call now, we sometimes have promos and discounts!

Join our Membership Program!
Enjoy discounted rates for our services when you sign up to become a member! 

Annual Membership Fee: $100

Membership Benefits

60min Deep Tissue Massage
Regular price: $99
Member Price: $50
50min Feet Reflexology
Regular Price: $40
Member Price: $30

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